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Pro Improves on Traditional CPAP

The cpap pro is a new innovation on the traditional cpap machine that makes it easier for many sleep apnea patients to tolerate this effective treatment. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that causes people to wake repeatedly throughout the night, disturbing natural sleep patterns, due to collapsed or obstructed airways. In addition to causing fatigue and snoring, sleep apnea also results in poor work performance, anxiety, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke, among other health concerns. The cpap machine has become the most common and preferred treatment option for sleep apnea because of its high rate of success and its low occurrence of dangerous side effects. However, there are problematic side effects associated with cpap use, and those people who experience difficulties might want to consider using the cpap pro.

CPAP Pro Dramatically Different

The primary difference between the cpap pro and the traditional cpap machine is the way the air is delivered to the lungs. Most cpap machines require the use of a breathing mask to ensure that the pressurized air supply reaches the lungs. However, even though there are different kinds of masks available that cater to different needs and preferences, the cpap breathing mask continues to be the most problematic component of the machine. It is uncomfortable for many people to wear, causing so much discomfort and irritation in some cases that people completely discontinue their cpap therapy despite its effectiveness in controlling their sleep apnea.

The cpap pro deals with the problem of the breathing mask by offering a new way to transport the air into the lungs of the sleep apnea sufferer. Instead of a mask, the cpap pro uses a unique combination of nasal pillows and a dental mold to hold the mask in place. It is often hard to keep the breathing masks in place while sleeping due to general movement and natural sleep positions. Because the cpap pro device is held in place by a dental mold that exactly matches the shape of the user's teeth and mouth, it provides a comfortable, stable fit. Small tubes travel from this mold to the nostrils where cushioned nasal pillows inflate with the pressure of the cpap machine to prevent leakage and provide a secure seal.

With the cpap pro, the elimination of uncomfortable and bulky headgear and straps makes the cpap much more tolerable. There is less facial irritation, fewer problematic side effects related to the masks, and greater comfort while sleeping. Many people who have switched to using the cpap pro cannot believe they did not try it earlier because it offers dramatic improvements and enables them to continue their cpap therapy without suffering due to the breathing mask.

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