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Side Effects Affect CPAP Users

Even though use of cpap machines is a very effective treatment for sleep apnea, there are still cpap side effects in some instances. The great thing about the cpap machine is that, although side effects do exist, the benefits of continued therapy with cpap far exceed the problems of any side effects. Furthermore, many of the cpap side effects can be eliminated or prevented with certain accessories or cpap modifications. Many people decide to discontinue cpap use because of some of the problems that they experience while using the machine, but proper education can help inform them of the possibilities for improvement.

Don't Stress over CPAP Side Effects

CPAP side effects will vary depending on each individual person and his or her body and lifestyle. However, one of the most common cpap side effects is the sleep interruption or disturbance that is caused by discomfort associated with the mask. This is especially problematic for many sleep apnea sufferers because one of the primary symptoms of sleep apnea is persistent fatigue caused by the interruptions in the normal sleep patterns. Since these people suffer from interrupted sleep whether they use the machine or not, many decide in favor of the more comfortable option, which is sleeping without the machine and mask. As a result, mask discomfort is a major reason why people stop using their cpap machines. To help deal with this problem, a variety of different masks have been developed that offer more comfort and greater stability. There are nasal masks that attach only at the nostrils and many different kinds of head and chin straps that can help secure the mask and prevent unwanted movement.

Another troubling cpap side effect is dryness in the nose and mouth caused by the fast-moving air. Because so much travels through the nose and mouth with the help of the cpap machine, the nose and throat are under greater strain to prepare the air for the lungs. This can result in irritation, pain, and even nosebleeds. Although these cpap side effects can be upsetting and difficult to endure, there are also a variety of options to help eliminate them. Humidifiers that attach to the cpap machine add moisture to the air and even warm the air, making it travel through the nose and throat more easily and cause less strain to those delicate tissues. These are not the only side effects that can be caused by regular cpap use, but they are some of the most common. Regardless of exactly which type of side effect you face, there is most likely some solution to your problem if you search for information and educate yourself.

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