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If you are looking for a cpap review, it really depends on who you talk to and what his or her personal experiences and preferences are because opinions of cpap machines vary widely. Sleep apnea is a serious health concern, though few people may realize it, because it causes persistent fatigue that can really be dangerous, as well as increased risk of heart problems and stroke. However, because most sufferers of sleep apnea are unaware of the condition, they do not feel that it bothers them or restricts their lifestyle. If you are bothered by the fatigue caused by your sleep apnea or rightfully concerned about lasting health problems caused by the condition, check out a cpap review or two to see if the machine could work as a treatment for you.

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The range of possibilities for a cpap review are quite diverse because use of a cpap machine affects some people differently than others. Furthermore, some people have higher tolerance for discomfort or irritation or have greater ease becoming accustomed to different situations and circumstances, which can make them less concerned about problems relating to the cpap machine. Medically speaking, the cpap review is great. There is basically no disputing its efficiency in correcting problems associated with sleep apnea and the health improvements it can offer. Studies have shown that cpap machines have dramatic success in treating sleep apnea in 99% of cases.

Personally speaking, however, the cpap review is slightly different. Although most people will acknowledge the benefits of cpap machines and the health improvements made while using the therapy, many find that the disadvantages of the machine are too great to overcome. A large number of people who begin cpap treatment quit within a week, and many more discontinue using the machine within three weeks. Because the cpap machine requires such a change in sleep position and habits, it is difficult for many people to get used to and they often do not take the time to learn to tolerate it. Common complaints are discomfort of the mask, claustrophobia, nasal and throat soreness, congestion, and others. Many cpap users testify to the uncomfortability of using the machine and the many ways in which the treatment disrupts their sleep just as much or more than the sleep disorder. Some people, who understand the seriousness of their condition, make the effort to learn to deal with the cpap machine and can offer helpful suggestions that can make the machine more comfortable or tolerable. If you are currently using a cpap machine to treat sleep apnea or are considering the possibility, do some research to find personal cpap reviews as a preliminary form of education. There are a variety of options, so knowing what to look for before you begin can really give you an advantage.

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