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New vs Used CPAP Machines and Masks

With so many options for brand new continuous positive airway pressure machines, why would anyone consider a used CPAP? It depends upon your situation but reconditioned units might be considered if you need to sell or buy, or if you're interested in donating a used CPAP machine.

Sleep apenea and the other medical conditions that drive patients to use CPAP machines are serious and can be life threatening. However, some patients need the lower cost that can come with a used machine.

All used medical equipment needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected, working properly and be appropriately calibrated to function as medically neccessary.

Buy Sell or Donate a Used CPAP

If your goal is buying a used CPAP machine, you can save money and be safe at the same time. Ensure that you're working with a reputable medical supply dealer. You're more likely to get a clean, reliable, reconditioned unit.

Need to sell a used CPAP? There's 2 main option. First, you can try to auction or sell it yourself directly to a third party. Check with the website's policies to be sure that sales of used medical devives are allowed. Second, you can sell your used CPAP to a company. Look for medical supply companies that deal in CPAPs and prefereably in the brand that you're selling such as Respironics, Remstar, Swift, DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, ResMed, Puritan Bennett and Cardinal Health.

Want to donate a used CPAP machine? This is a great option for a gently used device that's no longer needed. Contact local hospitals and nursing homes to see if they can help you facilitate your donation.

What about used CPAP masks, tubing, a CPAP nasal pillow and parts?

Most resources do not recommend the use of previously used CPAP accessories such as nasal cushion masks, pillow masks, full face masks and oral masks. Similarly, used tubing is not recommended due to the potential for complications and contamination.

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