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Sleep Hints: Try Nasal CPAP Pillows

The cpap nasal pillow has been a popular innovation in the already successful cpap machine as a treatment for sleep apnea. Because sleep apnea is essentially a problem of insufficient air reaching the lungs due to an obstructed or collapsed airway, cpap machines prevent this problem by forcing air continually into the lungs so that the airway never has the opportunity to collapse. Traditionally, this has been achieved with the use of a normal breathing mask that covers the mouth and nose--very similar to the ones worn by patients in hospitals--but there are other options available that are gaining in popularity. Many people have trouble with the traditional masks due to discomfort and feelings of claustrophobia, so the cpap nasal pillow has become an alternative that many people are grateful to try and are very pleased with the results.

News about CPAP Nasal Pillow

The cpap nasal pillow is actually far more simple than it may sound. Its primary difference from the traditional breathing mask used in conjunction with the cpap machine is that, instead of covering both the mouth and nose, nasal cpap pillows attach only at the nostrils. As a result, the face can remain more free and open and breathing is more authentic and natural. Because the mouth is not covered with the cpap nasal pillow, many times the mouth is held shut by chin straps to ensure that breathing is done through the nasal passages with the help of the cpap breathing machine.

There are two different kinds of cpap nasal pillows. One kind, often called long or extended nasal pillow, extends farther up into the nose, while the other cpap nose pillows attach just at the base of the nostrils. Which one is more comfortable often depends only on personal preference. The helpful thing about the cpap nasal pillow as opposed to a breathing mask is the way it is secured on the head. In many brands, the tubing comes over the top of the head from the back, which means that natural sleeping positions experience less interference and people do not have to modify their sleeping habits as extensively. Because the nasal pillows are attached in such a way that does not allow for much movement, there is not as much likelihood that the nasal pillows can become displaced and they are often much more comfortable due to less pressure being placed on the face.

Because of the unique design of the cpap nasal pillow, it is important to ensure that you have the correct fit so that the cpap machine can deliver the air efficiently, productively, and comfortably. Many of the personnel in stores that sell cpap machines can help you find a good fit, and there is vast information on the web on this topic, as well.

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