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Breeze Innovation with CPAP

The Breeze CPAP mask is an innovation in CPAP therapy that will encourage greater use of this particular treatment option for snoring or sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects many people throughout the United States and results in disrupted sleep and constant fatigue. Sleep apnea is characterized by an obstruction of the airway during sleep, causing the sleep apnea sufferer to temporarily stop breathing. When the length of time that air has been prevented from reaching the lungs becomes enough to seriously deprive the body of much-needed oxygen, the body automatically awakens itself to restore air flow. Although the person is not usually aware of any of this, the body's natural sleep patterns are disrupted, preventing the body from getting proper rest. The CPAP machine is often used to help with preventing this occurrence.

Breeze CPAP Increases Comfort

When talking about a Breeze CPAP, CPAP refers to continuous positive airway pressure. This machine works by pumping pressurized air into the lungs of a sleep apnea sufferer through a mask worn while sleeping. The continual flow of air in and out of the lungs that is regulated by the rhythms of the machine prevents the airway from collapsing. Air flow is never interrupted, the body is never forced into a sudden awakening, and the natural sleep patterns are not disrupted.

Although the CPAP machine seems like a great treatment option--it has been proven to correct the problem successfully in over 95% of cases--there are certain drawbacks. Many people find that wearing a mask during the night prevents them from sleeping comfortably, and some people have claustrophobic issues related to the mask. Additionally, the mask is sometimes hard for people to put on or ensure that it fits correctly. These concerns, and the overall bulkiness of the machine, often cause people to forgo use of this successful treatment option out of sheer frustration.

The Breeze CPAP mask offers a slight variation on the traditional form of the CPAP machine and mask that aims to increase comfort and encourage people to continue using CPAP therapy for longer periods of time. The Breeze CPAP mask has a unique cantilever design that is not only more comfortable for the person wearing it but also easier to put on and adjust to a variety of head sizes. Instead of the traditional gas-mask-like design of other CPAP masks, the Breeze CPAP attaches only at the nostrils, which has proven to provide a much more comfortable fit for the wearer. Although these minor changes may not seem especially significant or noteworthy, they have a big effect on the overall fit and comfort of the CPAP mask and encourage continual use.

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