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Mask Considerations for Machine Breathing: CPAP

There are many issues surrounding the cpap machine mask that factor into use of a cpap machine as a treatment for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that is manifested in the breathing function of a person. When a person has sleep apnea, he or she repeatedly stops breathing throughout the night as the airway collapses or becomes obstructed. When it becomes absolutely necessary that breathing resume to avoid damage to bodily organs, the body naturally reawakens itself to restore breathing function. A CPAP machine stops this continual cycle by preventing the collapsing of the airway, thereby allowing the person to sleep soundly throughout the night without repeated interruptions in the natural sleep cycle.

Dealing with CPAP Machine Mask

The cpap machine mask is basically a breathing mask that transports oxygen or air from the unit itself to the body in a continual, uninterrupted stream. In many cases, the mask is similar to a breathing mask worn by patients in a hospital. The great thing about the cpap machine mask is that it is a completely non-invasive way to improve breathing function, unlike intubation. However, despite this benefit, there are other disadvantages or problems with the cpap machine mask that sometimes make cpap therapy hard to tolerate for extended periods of time.

To be effective in treating sleep apnea, a cpap machine mask must be worn by the sleep apnea sufferer while sleeping because that is when the sleep apnea occurs. Despite the comfort of not being intubated, sleeping with a breathing mask after years of sleeping without one can be difficult. This is especially true for people who move a great deal while they sleep because they often find that the mask and tubing become tangled or that the cpap machine mask becomes dislodged or out of place. If the cpap machine mask moves out of its intended position, not only can the oxygen not be delivered to the lungs but the mask can also become quite uncomfortable.

There are a few options for dealing with the cpap machine mask and making it more comfortable to wear. A variety of different chin and head straps are available that can help secure the mask and prevent movment. There are also different kinds of masks, some of which may be more comfortable than the traditional one. The Breeze cpap is one example that attaches at the nostrils only instead of covering the nose and mouth. If you are having problems with the cpap machine mask, try investigating other options to see if one of those works better for you.

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