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CPAP Treatment: System of Breathing Support

The cpap system is a common, effective way to treat sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has the distinction of being one of the most common sleep disorders, and because cpap machines have been so effective in treating and preventing this problem, they have really gained popularity among doctors and patients as a non-invasive, simple treatment option. The machines themselves are small and easy to operate, so they pose little problem for even unexperienced users, and they do not require extensive monitoring by health care professionals. Although the initial expense may be somewhat significant--many cpap machines cost around $1,000 or more--there are not overly expensive to maintain.

CPAP System Explanation

A cpap system consists of a few basic parts that perform specific functions to correct the problem of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that results in temporary episodes of no breathing due to a collapsed or obstructed airway. Although the person suffering from sleep apnea is generally not aware that he or she is not breathing, the body realizes the severity of the situation and automatically corrects it by awakening itself to restore breathing. As the body awakens, loud snoring sounds usually occur and the body's natural sleep patterns are interrupted. The person finds him or herself constantly tired, unable to perform efficiently at work, and at higher risk for serious health concerns like heart attack and stroke.

The cpap system is effective in preventing sleep apnea because it provides a strong stream of air that supports the walls of the airway, preventing obstruction or collapse. This air pressure is regulated during both inhalation and exhalation so that there are never momentary gaps in the air supply. Many cpap systems have only one possible air pressure, but others automatically adjust the output depending on what is needed by the individual user or allow the users to select the desired speed.

The primary parts of the cpap system are the small bedside unit that provides the air, the tubing, and the breathing mask. Just as there are different options for the unit itself, there are also different options for the breathing mask. One of the most common designs is the mask that covers the mouth and the nose, but the nasal mask that attaches at the nostrils is gaining popularity because it allows for more comfortable wear and sleeping. If you currently suffer from sleep apnea, it may be worth your while to try out a cpap system and see how it works for you. Although it may take awhile to get used to, the health benefits are obvious and definitely worth it.

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