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CPAP equipment is high in demand among sleep apnea sufferers because regular use of CPAP machines has shown to be an extremely effective treatment for sleep apnea and related sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are common throughout the United States and range from snoring to insomnia to sleep apnea. Some of the sleep problems are not especially problematic in themselves except in the creation of a minor annoyance, but others--such as sleep apnea--can have serious health consequences if left untreated for prolonged periods of time. In order to prevent serious health problems in the future, many people turn to CPAP equipment to deal with the sleep apnea and finally achieve a good night's rest.

CPAP Equipment Helps Sleep Apnea

CPAP equipment is important to sufferers of sleep apnea because it provides a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP), supplying the lungs with a fluid, unbroken supply of air. Sleep apnea is a disorder caused by an obstruction or collapsing of the airway, preventing oxygen from reaching the lungs. When the body reaches the point where its air supply can no longer be denied without causing damage to the body, the body naturally and suddenly awakens itself to restore air flow. Although the problem is naturally corrected in terms of allowing the air to reach the lungs, this cessation of breathing can happen repeatedly throughout the night, which causes numerous sleep disturbances and interrupts the natural sleep patterns.

CPAP equipment refers to the CPAP machine that provides a pressurized stream of air to the lungs. The air is delivered to the body through a tube that connects the machine itself to a breathing mask worn by the person sleeping. There are many varieties of CPAP machines that all provide different forms of air supply. Some CPAP equipment allows people to manually adjust the air pressure, choosing one that is most comfortable and best suits their needs. Other CPAP machines automatically adjust the air pressure depending on what the person needs in order to maintain a strong flow of air. BiPAP machines are very similar to CPAP machines. The only difference is that they provide different air pressures for inhalation and exhalation to make expelling air easier for the sleep apnea sufferer.

In addition to the CPAP machine, CPAP equipment can also include different types of breathing masks, the tubes that connect the various pieces, air filters, humidifier attachments, adjustable head and chin straps that help secure the mask, forehead cushion pads, etc. Because the CPAP therapy can be hard to get used to at first, there are many accessories included with CPAP equipment that help make the device more comfortable and easier to use.

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