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In order to keep a cpap machine functioning properly and make it best work for your individual situation, there are certain cpap supplies that you may need. The cpap machine is a great way to treat sleep apnea because it does not require any surgery or much medical monitoring, and there is little chance of serious side effects. It has proven difficult for some people to get used to since it requires sleeping with a breathing mask, but the outcome in terms of preventing problems associated with sleep apnea has been very positive. When people know the facts about the condition and the proper treatment procedure, they are better able to deal with the condition and live fully and productively.

Important CPAP Supplies

Exactly which cpap supplies any person will need depends on his or her particular situation. Some cpap supplies are central to the breathing unit working properly, while others only improve performance of the machine or increase comfort. One of the basic cpap supplies—and one that usually comes with most units—is the tubing that connects the bedside unit to the breathing mask. Most new and used cpap machines have a standard length of tubing, but some cpap users may find that they need a slightly longer tube in order to accommodate a greater distance between the outlet and the bed or facilitate more movement while sleeping.

While the tubing is an example of the cpap supplies that are somewhat permanent, the filters in the machines must be replaced periodically for proper maintenance of the machine. It seems obvious that, in a breathing machine, the filters need to be clean and relatively new so that the air pumped into the lungs is healthy air without much contamination. There are both disposable and non-disposable air filters, but neither variety lasts indefinitely. The disposable filters need to be replaced every two weeks and the non-disposable filters need to washed weekly and replaced every six months. There are other specialized filters, such as the pollen filters, that can be used with the cpap machines, as well.

There are many different cpap supplies that can be purchased for use with any cpap machine. If you begin using a cpap machine to treat your sleep apnea, it is a good idea to research all the possible options, supplies and accessories available in order to get the most benefit out of the machine. These machines have been very successful in dealing with sleep apnea and have enabled people who suffer from this condition to regain their health and energy.

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