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Mirage Mask: Accessory for CPAP

The mirage cpap mask aims to decrease problems associated with the normal cpap breathing mask by providing a better fit. Cpap machines have long been one of the most preferred treatment options for sleep apnea because they are so effective in preventing problems associated with the disorder. Sleep apnea is caused when the airway becomes obstructed or collapsed, preventing sufficient air from reaching the lungs. The body effectively stops breathing for temporary moments of time until the body naturally and suddenly awakens itself to restore airflow. Despite the fact that the body involuntarily corrects the condition, natural sleep patterns are interrupted, causing persistent fatigue and other health problems.

Mirage cpap mask: Useful Improvement

The mirage cpap mask is only one of the possible breathing mask options that can be used with cpap machines, but it offers some significant improvements over the traditional masks. The breathing masks used with cpap machines are the component of cpap therapy that receives the most complaints and causes the most problems. In fact, a large percentage of cpap users discontinue cpap therapy shortly after beginning due to complications or irritations associated with the mask.

The mirage cpap mask is designed simply, focusing on comfort and stability since these are the two aspects of the breathing masks that are most important to users. It can be difficult to get used to wearing a mask while sleeping and keeping it in place despite tossing and turning, so making the mask more comfortable to wear and more stable reduces the potential for problematic side effects.

The mirage cpap mask is very easy to fit onto individual users, which means that both sleep apnea patients and healthcare providers have less trouble ensuring a good fit. The two-layer cushion, headgear release clips, forehead support and cushion clip all increase comfort and stability, as well as make the mask easier to use and adjust. The special air vent reduces noise, making this mask quieter than most. Although this mask prides itself on being simple, emphasizing a streamlined design, it is the simplicity that makes it easy for many cpap users to wear. It does not require extensive fitting or repeated adjustments, which means that once the mask is fitted initially, the sleep apnea patient and the healthcare provider both have little worry. Although the mirage cpap mask may be more expensive that some of the more basic options, its improvements in fit, comfort and stability can make it well worth the money if it contributes to continued cpap machine use.

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