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CPAP Machines Sometimes Cause Problem

Despite its proven success as a sleep apnea treatment, many people find that they have a cpap problem with long term use. Sleep apnea, like snoring, is a common sleep disorder that can cause serious problems in people's relationships and health. Many people are unaware that they suffer from this sleep disorder because the symptoms can be indicative of a number of disorders or health problems; however, a person's lack of awareness about his or her sleep apnea does not mean that he or she will not experience problems related to the condition. Sleep apnea has been associated with constant fatigue, poor work performance, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Help for CPAP Problem

Even though the cpap machine is a treatment option that is less invasive and complex than other options, there is still the possibility that a cpap problem will arise with certain people. As with all medical treatments or therapies, the chance of side effects is never completely zero. However, a therapy is deemed worthwhile or effective when the possibility of side effects is lower than the perceived benefits of the continued therapy. This is definitely the case for cpap machine use because the problems associated with this treatment option are minimal and not dangerous to a person's health. In addition, many cpap problems can be solved with slight modifications or accessories.

Probably the most common cpap problem is discomfort associated with the breathing mask that must be worn by the sleep apnea sufferer. Most people are not used to wearing something on their face when they are sleeping, and breathing masks are even more problematic because they can create a claustrophobic sensation with some people since it can be difficult to learn to breathe through the mask with the nose and mouth both covered. Especially with people who move around while they sleep, the mask has a good chance of becoming displaced or dislodged, not only making the cpap machine ineffective in preventing sleep apnea but also causing the person wearing the mask to be uncomfortable.

Another cpap problem that is a little more medically significant is the dryness that can occur in the throat and nasal tissues due to the fast-moving, pressurized air that is being pushed into the lungs. This problem can be irritating, painful and even cause nosebleeds. Despite the common occurrence of these problems, cpap users should note that both the comfort issue and the dryness are problems that can easily be solved. Different types of masks can be more comfortable for some people, and additional head and chin straps can help hold the mask in place. Humidifier attachments to the cpap machine can add moisture to the air that is being pumped into the lungs, placing less strain on the nasal and throat tissues and decreasing irritation.

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