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CPAP Therapy and Mask: Read a Review

Because there are so many different options concerning cpap machines, it is important to look at a cpap mask review before making your final decision. Cpap machines are a great way to treat sleep apnea because they have an extremely high success rate. Sleep apnea is more than just an annoying condition that causes increased fatigue. When the fatigue becomes so prolonged and chronic, it can create dangerous situations where the body falls asleep at inappropriate times or cannot focus attention when it is needed. Additionally, the constant deprivation of adequate rest can place extensive strain on the body, resulting in higher blood pressure, anxiety, and increased risk of heart problems and stroke.

Read a CPAP Mask Review for Advice

When looking for a cpap mask review, people are bound to find some general consistencies. As a rule, the cpap mask is the component of the cpap machine with which people are least satisfied. In fact, it causes such discomfort, irritation and sleep interruption that many discontinue their cpap therapy within days or weeks of beginning due almost solely to the mask. Common complaints or cpap mask reviews note that it is hard to become accustomed to sleeping with a breathing mask, especially one that covers the mouth and nose, after years of sleeping without one. The fact that the traditional mask covers both the nose and mouth often causes some people to feel claustrophobic while wearing the mask, as well, because people have to teach themselves to breathe differently with the mask. Another cpap mask review is that it causes nasal and throat dryness and irritation, that can sometimes be painful or result in nosebleeds.

Aside from learning about the disadvantages of the cpap mask, reading a cpap mask review can help cpap users because there are many different masks and designs available. By taking advantage of other people's experiences and trials, sleep apnea sufferers can better choose which mask might work best for their needs. The Breeze cpap mask, a nasal mask, often receives good reviews concerning comfortability and lack of problematic side effects. In addition to providing recommendations of good cpap masks to try, a cpap mask review can also offer suggestions of ways to secure the mask or solve common problems associated with mask and cpap use. If you are a cpap user yourself who continues to comply with your cpap regimen, you might consider writing a cpap mask review yourself and contributing it to one of the many websites that post such information. By building a community of cpap users willing to share their experiences, everyone can benefit.

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